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Rosario and Donna Panzarella, husband and wife power duo since 2005, are committed and in sync with your real estate needs. Our experience is to your benefit, contact us today to see how we can help you!

The Panzarella Real Estate Group serves all of NJ (based in Metuchen) providing home-buyers and sellers with professional, responsive and attentive real estate services. Want an agent who will really listen to what you want in a home? Need an agent who knows how to effectively market your home so it sells? Give us a call my team and I are eager to help and would love to talk to you. - Rosario & Donna Panzarella

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Where Will You Go If You Sell...You Have Options!

There are plenty of good reasons you might be ready to move. No matter your motivations, before you list your current house, you need to consider where you’ll go next.In today’s;

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Lower Mortgage Rates Are Bringing Buyers Back to the MarketAs mortgage rates rose last year, activity in the housing market slowed down. And as a result, homes started seeing fewer offers and stayed

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Why You Should Move Before Springtime

Why It Makes Sense To Move Before SpringSpring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many buyers wait until then to make their move, believing it’s the best time to find a home.

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Today’s Foreclosure Headlines and the misstated truths!

Bottom Line:  The media is stating that foreclosures are up 115% from 2021, when in fact there were NO FORECLOSURES in 2021 due to the state mandated "eviction moratorium."  In actuality,

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